Vending machine operator

Our client is a branch of leading European supplier of beverages and snacks. The corporate group services over 150 000 locations equipped with vending machines. Over 6 million of people use them every day.

Earlier we used MS Excel for planning tasks. We would allocate tasks on paper and during working hours we would simply call the employees when necessary. As the company kept growing, a tool to ensure regular automated task allocation to most suitable employees and provide real-time information on task completion became necessary. We also wanted to get reliable and accurate information about the time when our employees get to the vending machines.

Taskenger gave us everything we wanted. The system automatically sends regular tasks to the employees and the employees confirm their arrival at the vending machines by scanning their QR codes. They mark the completed tasks and used goods via the mobile application. All data is exchanged in real-time and the information is forwarded directly to the Directo accounting system.

We are absolutely positive that work planning at our company has advanced to a new level.“

More success stories

Window manufacturing and installation company

Taskenger client is one of the biggses windows manufacturer in Lithuania. Company install windows mostly in Scandinavia and have in house service team. "Our goal was organize our remote service workers in a more transparent and effective way.

Water meters administrator

Taskenger client is the biggest water supplier in Lithuania. It supplies potable water and processes waste water for approximately 589 900 consumers. The company provides service to 18 131 sites. As at 31 December 2012, the company employed 897 people.

Building maintenance service provider

"Taskenger" client has been a successful building services engineer since 1994s. "Our goal was to facilitate task allocation process, to provide a reliable tool for SLA implementation and to ensure complete transparency of services.