Route planning

Manual and automatic routing by means of cutting-edge technologies enables carrying out work faster, at lower cost and resources.




Work registration on an online program and forwarding to employees to smart phones or tablet computers enables elimination of paper reports, calls between employees and the office – it saves a lot of time.



Reliable analysis

Accurate information regarding quantity of the accomplished work, location where the work has been implemented, time spent for work and travelling. SLA control. An opportunity to compare the planned and the actual route.




Employee activity map allows knowing where exactly the employees are during their working hours. In this way you could always assign the tasks to the employee who is closest to the location of the task – in this way you can save time, fuel, and money.



Resource accounting

Employees would specify the used resources by means of a mobile application within implementation of tasks. Manage stock records in a more accurate and quicker manner. Make cash flows faster, shorten the chain of supply and production.



Attendance control

We use task “locks” in order to ensure that facilities are attended. An employee would not be able to check a task without scanning a QR code and/ or NFC sticker and if his/ her whereabouts were different than the location where the task was supposed to be implemented (GPS).


  • Mobility has the transformative power that can completely change the way companies run themselves today. Image capture, location and context awareness, voice and gestures are creating brand new ways of doing business that were not possible before.

    Nick Brown. SVP, Mobile strategy & Managment, SAP